Wednesday, October 04, 2006


The Curtis:

Saturday, September 30, 2006


I now have moved to a freewebs site due to blogger's incompetence. Anyway I have updated the Beverages and it can be found here:

My basic site adress is

Monday, September 18, 2006


Damn it! I have an update all ready to go, except blogger won't let me post any pics. I have about 7 already on the post and now it won't let me put on anymore. I have tried changing the pics' names, saving and coming back but nothing will work.

Bascially there won't be an update til this starts working again! URGH!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Avatar Picked

You guys voted and the results are in! Beth 1 and Cherry 1 tied for last with 0 votes. Beth 2 came in third with 2 votes. Cherry 2 came in second with 3 votes and...

Cherry 3 won with a whopping 4 votes! Thanx to everyone who voted.

By the way, the Beverages update is coming soon... Oh and I am starting the Apocalypse challenge, I will still be playing the Hills, and I won't be blogging for the Apocalypse people!

Thanx everyone!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Avatar Decision

*Voting is now over*

I am trying to pick between two of my prettiest sims for my Avatar (cuz I don't yet have one).
First there is Beth Johnsen (I am currently playing the Beverages house in Prosperity Hills).

Pic 1 or
Pic 2

Next is Cherry Beverages...Pic 1 or
Pic 2 or
Pic 3.

Yeah so vote for which pic you think is the prettiest: Beth pic 1 or 2 or Cherry pic 1 or 2 or 3.

By the way I won't be using the snapshot I will be using the thumbnail. Just so that's clarified!

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Johnsens: The Family Matures (Slightly)

Hey y'all! Here's the long promised update. I have already started playing the Beverages, but they are a little tricky now that Soda and Beth are there. Ah, well, I will have their update ready eventually.

Told from Arie's point of view for 7 days: Hey there! Yep, I am Arie. I like totally convinced Dad and Mom to let me do the telling here. It wasn't hard as they are totally wrapped up in their careers right now.

We were like a totally disorganized family for a while. It was sooo embaressing bring friends over. We seem like total cavemen the way we were living in such a mess.

It was totally awesome when I grew up. I got help fix up the house a little.

Arie Johnsen: Popularity, Become Hall of Famer.

Yeah, I decided to be an athelte cuz then I can make way many friends. I can also blame my horrible nose on being hit with a basketball which is a total bonus.I kind of gave myself a make-over (and cut my hair, Mom almost lost it) so I would fit in with the other kids on the senior basketball team. Our nanny was like so freaky. What a loser. I can't believe Mom and Dad trusted her with Mason. They are so uptight about everything. Yeah, Mason grew up and all. He is a total brat in my opinion. At least when he was a toddler he could hardly argue. Now, he thinks he knows everything.
Look at him trying to impress Dad like that. He's just jealous cuz everybody loves me way more then they will ever love him.
Well, he is kind of cute sometimes. When he is just playing like a normal kid he seems almost human... key word being almost of course.Dad has been working really hard at his career. He is now a judge (you can't tell cuz of that weird hat mom makes him wear, he told me that ones he gets to work he takes it off and puts on his wig). Dad seems to be getting older. He doesn't look it, but he is always complaining that he is starting to go grey. Not that it would matter, him being a judge and all. If he grew it out he could totally look like a judge without a wig thing.Mom is also trying to get to the top of her career. I warned her not to use that freaky lie-detector thing. I refuse to use it cuz it looks soooo dangerous! (Marisa! We can totally see up your dress!!) Mom and Dad argue a bit. Dad is worried Mom's job will ruin his career (it would be ridiculous if the mayor is married to a criminal mastermind later.). Whatevs, they will get over it. (By the way, Marisa and James are both 2 promotions away form their lifetime wants!! Yea!!) Mom is also trying to be more "momsy". It's not fair. Now that I am like old enough to have fun, mom is trying to be at home more often. When I was a kid she hardly cared if I starved. This like sucks. I am not even aloud to have a boyfriend. When I saw that guy outside I was like totally shocked. I was like totally thinking that if that guy looked at me I would drop dead. Ehmagod! Dad is so cruel. How dare he invite guys over without warning me!!! I am in my PJs. Ehmagod! Is Mason really being such a nerd over there. Does he not realize he is also in his PJs!! My life is so totally over! The weirdest thing happened. This totally homeless looking old fart just came into the house. At first I thought she was gonna beg or something totally pathetic like that. But no, she sat down ate some jello. She was probably thinking of the good old days, when someone actually cared about her. Nobody wants to marry an old granny. Guys here want a nice young woman to have babies with (erm *cough* like me *cough, cough*). Then she just walked out, without an explanation. What a loser. Anyway, that's all for now. Hopefully next time my story won't be so pathetic as it will hopefully not involve my pathetic family that is endlessly embaressing me. Later!!

Funny Pic

The picture speaks for itself.

Next up is the Beverages!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back Again

Yep, I'm back.

Nope, I don't yet have an update.

Yep, school starts tomorrow here.

Nope I am not excited.

Yep the Johnsen's are on their way.

Nope, not today.

Yep, I hope to have the update ready soon.

Nope, I am a lazy ____ and in unpacking and getting ready for school (SHOPPING) I have not had time to play Sims.

Later, Queenofsimtopia